Utah Valley Islamic Center (UVIC)/Al Sahaba Mosque

Address: 352 East 900 South Orem UT 84097

Phone: 801-666-2007

Services provided by UVIC/Al Sahaba Mosque

  • Juma (congregational) prayer: Every Friday 1:45-2:15 PM.
  • Eid prayers: Date and time are decided by the Utah Valley Moon-Sighting Committee.
  • Five Daily Regular Prayers: For key-carrying members only. Keys are given to registered members who agree to pay membership fees and attend meetings called by the UVIC/Al Shaba Mosque Leadership.
    • Some key-carrying members occasionally (semi-regularly) pray the Evening Prayer (Salatul Maghrib) or Night Prayer (Salatul Isha) in congregation.
  • Community Engagement Activities: The directors and members of UVIC/Al Sahaba Mosque meet with visitors and organizers from the community on Fridays before and after Friday Congregational Prayer.

Services NOT provided by UVIC/ Al Sahaba Mosque

Because of severe limitations in manpower and financial resources, UVIC/ Al Sahaba Mosque are unable to provide the following services commonly available at mosques of larger Muslim Communities:

  • Making the UVIC/ Al Sahaba Mosque facility available to travelers and visitors for the Five Regular Prayers.
  • Accommodations (overnight stay) for travelers and visitors.
  • Emergency financial help for the needy: Limited amount of charitable fund is available but it can only be asked for/or distributed on Friday after congregational prayer.
  • Marriage (Nikah) solemnization and registration services: Please contact Utah Islamic Center Phone 1-801-898-2670 for these services.
  • Islamic Rulings (Fatwa) or Family Counseling of any type: Please contact Utah Islamic Center phone 1-801-255-2212 to obtain these services.
  • Funeral (Janaja) and Burial Services: Please contact Utah Islamic Center phone 1-801-255-2212 to obtain these services.

Resumption of Jumu’ah Prayer

Assalalamu alaikum

As per the instructions of the Office of the Governor, UVIC-Al Sahaba Mosque will resume congregational Jumu’ah Prayer starting June 5, 2020.

Given the small size of the facility, the Management of UVIC Al Sahaba Mosque has decided to allow NO MORE THAN 10 (TEN) members to pray at a time. The following conditions apply to participate in the prayer services:

  1. Must be registered or get permission from the Management
  2. Must be healthy and have no underlying heath concerns including any lung and heart conditions, diabetes, cancers, and obesity-related conditions
  3. Must wear a mask
  4. Must not use bathroom and ablution facilities of the UVIC (the facilities are closed for health reason)
  5. Even if conditions A, B and C are met, members with a recent episode of headache or body pain accompanied by runny nose, fever and chill must NOT attend Jumu’ah prayer

Khutba will start 1:45 PM shrap and Jumu’ah payer will be completed by 2:15 PM.