Utah Valley Islamic Center (UVIC)/Al Sahaba Mosque

Address: 352 East 900 South Orem UT 84097

Phone: 801-666-2007

Services provided by UVIC/Al Sahaba Mosque

WINTER TIME CHANGE: Effective immediately, the sermon (Khutba) for the Friday congregational (i.e. Juma) prayer will start at 1:15 PM and the prayer services will be completed on or before 2:15 PM till further notice.

  • Juma (congregational) prayer: Every Friday 1:30-2:30 PM.
  • Eid prayers: Date and time are decided by the Utah Valley Moon-Sighting Committee.
  • Five Daily Regular Prayers: For key-carrying members only. Keys are given to registered members who agree to pay membership fees and attend meetings called by the UVIC/Al Shaba Mosque Leadership.
    • Some key-carrying members occasionally (semi-regularly) pray the Evening Prayer (Salatul Maghrib) or Night Prayer (Salatul Isha) in congregation.
  • Community Engagement Activities: The directors and members of UVIC/Al Sahaba Mosque meet with visitors and organizers from the community on Fridays before and after Friday Congregational Prayer.

Services NOT provided by UVIC/ Al Sahaba Mosque

Because of severe limitations in manpower and financial resources, UVIC/ Al Sahaba Mosque are unable to provide the following services commonly available at mosques of larger Muslim Communities:

  • Making the UVIC/ Al Sahaba Mosque facility available to travelers and visitors for the Five Regular Prayers.
  • Accommodations (overnight stay) for travelers and visitors.
  • Emergency financial help for the needy: Limited amount of charitable fund is available but it can only be asked for/or distributed on Friday after congregational prayer.
  • Marriage (Nikah) solemnization and registration services: Please contact Utah Islamic Center Phone 1-801-898-2670 for these services.
  • Islamic Rulings (Fatwa) or Family Counseling of any type: Please contact Utah Islamic Center phone 1-801-255-2212 to obtain these services.
  • Funeral (Janaja) and Burial Services: Please contact Utah Islamic Center phone 1-801-255-2212 to obtain these services.