Jumu’ah Prayer

Assalamu Alaikum

As per the instructions of the Office of the Governor, UVIC-Al Sahaba Mosque will resume congregational Jumu’ah Prayer starting June 5, 2020.

Given the small size of the facility, the Management of UVIC Al Sahaba Mosque has decided to allow NO MORE THAN 10 (TEN) members (five males and five females, including nonmembers and non-Muslim visitors) to attend at a time. The following conditions apply to participate in the prayer services:

  1. Must be registered or get permission from the Management.
  2. UVIC/ Al Sahaba Mosque takes no responsibility of any type about health and well-being of any attendants.
  3. UVIC/Al Sahaba Mosque discourage nonmembers and non-Muslims visitors to attend the Jumu’ah services till the Federal and State governments declare the end of COVID-19 epidemic. However, if one must visit, all the conditions and head counts apply; UVIC/Al Sahaba Mosque take no responsibility of any type for any nonmember and non-Muslim visitors.
  4. Every attendant must be healthy and have no underlying heath concerns including any lung and heart conditions, diabetes, cancers, and obesity-related complications.
  5. Every attendant must wear a mask, no exception. If one lacks a mask, UVIC/Al Sahaba Mosque will offer a mask provided by the Sate of Utah. UVIC/Al Sahaba Mosque do not guarantee availability and the quality or effectiveness of the mask.
  6. Attendants must not use bathroom and ablution facilities of UVIC (the facilities are temporarily closed).
  7. Members with a recent episode of headache or body pain accompanied by runny nose, fever and chill must NOT attend Jumu’ah prayer.

Khutba starts at 1:45 PM shrap and Jumu’ah payer completes by 2:15 PM.

Special Note: UVIC/Al Sahaba Mosque has received about 400 washable cloth masks from The State of Utah Via Ms. Luna Banuri, Executive Director, Utah Muslim Civic League, Salt Lake City Utah. The masks are NOT N-95 type. We greatly appreciate the donation.