Prayer Schedule

Utah Valley Islamic Center (UVIC) is open for Five Regular Prayers (for key-carrying UVIC members only), the Jumuah Prayer and the two Eid Prayers (members and non-members). Note: The UVIC/Al Sahaba Mosque are NOT available for Regular Daily Prayer or overnight stay for travelers and visitors.

Jumuah Prayer: Khutba (the Sermon) starts on 1:30 PM and the Salatul Jumua will be completed by 2:10 PM Sharp.

Five Regular Prayers: UVIC follows the Prayer Schedule posted in the Islamic Finder Link.

Eid Prayers: The date, time and locations for the two Eid Prayers are posted after consulting The Utah Moon-Sighting Committee.

Note: Utah Valley Islamic Council is the organization, Utah Valley Islamic Center (UVIC)/ Al Sahaba Mosque is the place where the the council assembles.