Al Sahaba Mosque

The General Body Members of the Utah Valley Islamic Council assembled on August 29, 2014 and voted for the name of the Utah Valley Islamic Center (UVIC) Mosque.

Several names were proposed but the General Body unanimously choose the name “Al Sahaba Mosque”

The English meaning of the name is “The Mosque of the Companions of Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him)”

From now on, the mosque portion of UVIC would be known as the Al Sahaba Mosque

UVIC plans to build the mosque in next 15 months. The other part of the center (the Muslim Community Center) would be built in the second phase of construction.

Utah Valley Islamic Center/ Al Sahaba Mosque (UVIC/ASM) donation via Pay Pal

Assalamu Alaikum

For your convenient, safe and secure tax-deductible charitable donation, the Utah Valley Islamic Center/Al Sahaba Mosque (UVIC/ASM) now have a Pay Pal Account.

You may directly use your credit card, debit card or bank account for donation or you may open a Pay Pal account and donate via that account.

Your donation is protected from any fraudulent activities. UVIC/ASM pay a small fee to Pay Pal to make your donation secure and private.

May Allah Accept your good deeds.


Utah Valley Islamic Center groundbreaking

The Muslims living in the valley and many of their neighbors gathered on the land (935 South State Street) acquired for the groundbreaking of UVIC community center and mosque on June 22, 2013. Professor Ian Wilson, Senior Vice President of Utah Valley University, lead the group in picking up the shovels followed by groups of civic leaders, religious leaders, mothers, young men, young women and children joining the shovel ceremony. Local news reporters covered the event. Dr. Brian Birch, Associate Vice President of Utah Valley University, delivered the keynote speech and Dr. Tala’at Al-Shuqairat, president of UVIC, offered the consecration prayer. The guests joined a dinner later in the afternoon at the Center Stage, Utah Valley University, where Imam Shuaib Uddin of UIC delivered a fund raising plea. Total raised was about $40,000 and the donors included people of many different faiths.

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