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2017-04-27 – The Utah County Public Affairs Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints selected Mr. Mustapha El Akkari as the community outreach leader of 2017. Mr. El Akkari has been the UVIC/Al Sahaba Mosque communication head for the past few years. Recently Mr. El Akkari presented a TED Talk organized at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT. Mr. El Akkari presented his TED Talk on community reconciliation. The speech is now available at the TEDxBYU Talk web portal. Mr. El Akkari is part of the business management team of Nu Skin Enterprises, a multi-billion dollar company located in Provo, UT. This Fall, Mr. El Akkari will attend the University of Oxford in the U.K., to obtain a master degree in business administration. Mr. El Akkari will receive the community recognition accolades on May 3, 2017 from the hands of Nu Skin’s founder, Mr. Blake Roney at a community reception at the Riverside Country Club based in Provo, Utah.